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A photography and filmmaking production company based in NYC.

We collaborate with ad agencies, pharmaceutical

companies, and global brands to bring their visions

to life, connecting clients with their intended audiences

through innovative visual media.

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From directing and photographing the biggest

stars in Hollywood, to patients living with rare

autoimmune diseases, we’re well-versed in

capturing the humanity in us all.


That’s because we specialize in people.

Art of Connection

We create a lively, comfortable, and collaborative

atmosphere on set that puts the talent at ease,

and allows them to be their most authentic

selves in front of the camera.

We have years of experience directing actors and

non-actors alike and are experts at eliciting the

proper emotion for the project or brief at hand.

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The Set
Fun Sets = Stellar Visuals

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That positive energy directly translates to our work in front of the camera, capturing the magic of filmmaking. 

We’re people-people.

We’re committed to making the set a joyful and safe environment for our cast, crew, and clients.

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Bending Light
creating the Perfect Tone

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We use light, shadow, contrast, color,

and camerawork to embody the

desired tone for the production.

We work alongside our clients to

help bring their visions to life,

crafting the perfect mood for their

visual media.

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Thank you
Charlie Chalkin
Photographer, Director

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Charlie is the founder of Chalkin Creative, celebrating its 10th anniversary as a leader in photo and video production in New York City.

Charlie has honed his craft over the past decade, directing, producing, shooting, and editing countless projects for a wide range of Fortune 100 companies.

Charlie’s passion for his craft radiates

through his artful eye and the Leica

forever around his neck.

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