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5 Years of Creation

We are excited to share that it has been over 5 years since we officially became a company and started creating. This all started as a very simple (and at the time, crazy) idea, "lets try to make videos for people in exchange for money." At the time, I had just graduated college, I had already gotten (but never started) and lost my first big boy job due to a broken collarbone, and had little to no clue what was ahead of me. It was the idea of creating, and having fun at work that motivated me to start Charlie Chalkin Productions- the first iteration of what is now Chalkin Creative.

"I can do exactly what it is I want to do, and people will pay me to do it?!"


This was a thought I kept having. And even if this were to only last a few moments, weeks, months, years.... I knew that if I didn't TRY, I would never know. The first year of work was a test for myself. I had little overhead, almost no equipment, and very little contacts within the industry. I worked a lot, for not a lot, but started to meet people, and learn. I will be the first to tell you that I was not classically trained in how to run a business - let alone a video and photo production company. Through patience, hard work, and lots of help - things started to come together. One job after another. Slowly started to become real.

About a year ago Charlie Chalkin Productions became Chalkin Creative. The name change was an opportunity for a fresh new look, branding, etc... but most importantly it was to introduce my company, as more than just ME. There are a lot of people that help make these videos and photos look the way they do. 

These are our top 5 favorite projects that we've been lucky enough to work on. In no particular order. And also some wild cards, and a few things to look for in 2020.

Enjoy - and thank you for following along. Without you, the viewer, we would have no one to make videos or photos for.


"Take Me Home" Wild Americans

This was our very first full length music video shot and edited in 2015. This was a new world for us. The opportunity to be creative, with no repercussions. Whatever felt right, we did. Together, Andrew Milea and I, the founder of Wild Americans, conceptualized and brought to life this song, "Take Me home." This was a great example of being free, having fun, but also being serious enough to get the shots. I appreciate the opportunity and trust that the Wild Americans placed in my hands. Never looked back from this point.


Dear Mr. President
Introducing WomenOn20s

"Take Me Home" Wild Americans

This project was a series of 4 videos that were commissioned for a grass roots campaign called "Women on 20's," who's sole purpose was to get a woman on the $20 bill. This was an awesome movement, that I was able to play an integral part in. Through these videos, we reached millions of people, and help spread the word as well as spread factual and important information. At the time, we had very little equipment, and used whatever resources we had in front of us to create these. They are not the most cinematic, or technically correct set of videos - however they played an important role in that they reminded us of the power of filmmaking, and the ability to spread positive thought and ideas through film. Our favorite here is : Children look for a woman on the $20" followed by the final video of the series which used some of that earlier footage, "Dear Mr. President."