Chalkin Creative, Beverage Specific Reel   16 : 9
Japanese Ceremonial Tea - Visuals
Karina Rykman performs "Elevator" Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg 2.4.22
Fair Harbor - Fishing
Baccarat Hotel : Now Open
Il Primo New York 2019
KFC x Cheetos Collab Chicken Sandwich
Bag Magic: Noodles, Poke, Fries Delivered
Dylan's Specialty Milkshake : Blue
America's Socially Responsible Bank, Animation
CC Sabathia giveaway
1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge : Covid-19 Precautions
R1 - Intelligent Automation
LIVE recording of "VEINS," single release by artist Ben Wylen
True Treps: Go Get Em Tiger,  St. Feliz CA
True Treps: Hedley & Bennet, Los Angeles CA
Tropicana, Boomerang
WJC Covid-19 Informational Animation
Fair Harbor - Uncomfortable to Comfortable
TrueTreps WestBourne, New York NY
Promotion for #MeanGirlsBroadway With Tina Fey
Chalkin Creative REEL 2022
Fair Harbor - Sunset
Gail Simmons "Rockstar Award" Video
LIVE recording of "People Say," single release by artist Ben Wylen
Maple Syrup Snapchat Story
Dusha - Take U Home ft. Briight
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