Tatsu Ramen

Elliot Productions

"True Treps"

What does it take to build an iconic brand?

What drives someone to dive in, create,
and continually strive to be better?

To be an entrepreneur: a true trep.


A short series looking behind the scenes and featuring some of the hottest food influencers on instagram 

Elliot Awards

Restaurants and individuals that are changing the industry

The Underground Food Tour 

The Elliot-Mogavero 'Underground Culinary Tour' is an invitation-only adventure for 14 hospitality leaders and executives, hosted by Alice Elliot (Founder & CEO, The Elliot Group) and Damian Mogavero (Author, "The Underground Culinary Tour" and Founder of Avero).


Sweetery NYC

Fulton Fish Market 



Notar Hospitality 


Diversity Kitchen